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About us

A centuries-old tradition, between intuition and creativity

Italian design

Bolero provides an exclusive offer high quality umbrellas and Italian taste, at competitive prices. Strong experience, gained in craft production, Bolero creates every year new collections by combining intuition and creativity, with attention to details, colours and combinations.

Craft production

The Bolero brand was founded in 1995, as a result of a long experience in the field of rain umbrellas Made in Italy. But the origins of the company date back to 1912, when Arnulf Barchielli produces a homemade activities of rain umbrellas in Figline Valdarno. In recent years the production is restricted to a few articles, handmade by the same proprietor, which relies on the help of external collaborators to staple of tele. The quality of umbrellas is undoubted and soon Barchielli becomes a household name in the field, albeit locally.

The transition to industrialization

The good performance of the activity and the passion for pushing the son, Mario Barchielli, concerning the activity of the father that catches in 1961. Thanks to the strong entrepreneurial insights of the new holder, over the years the production passes from handicraft to industrial. Within the enterprise introduces the first production line for rain umbrellas in Italy, which makes it possible to produce at least a thousand articles a day. In 1968 a new factory was built and the positive economic results, allowed the company to occupy a leading position nationally. Despite the principal business is that of rain umbrellas, the company decides to produce even umbrellas to beach resorts, rifornendone many in Italy.

The beginning of the import from Asia

In the years ' 70 Mario Barchielli enters the ANPO (National Association of manufacturers of Umbrellas). In 1972 the rising cost of labour is pushing the company to begin importing umbrellas from Asian countries, in recent years establishing fundamental relationships with suppliers located in China, in the industrial zone of Shenzhen. In 1975 joined the company Roberto Boldi, husband of Barbara, daughter of Mario, who takes advantage of the graphic skills, creating new patterns and lines. These years are characterised by strong productivity and from collaborations with eminent brands including Prada. In the years ' 80 market evolution leads to the transfer of the whole production in Asian countries, while maintaining the standards of quality and reliability that have always characterised products Bolero.

The Brand Bolero is born

In 1995 Mario Barchielli leaves the company. His daughter and son-in-law Robert constitute a new company, Boldi & c. S.r.l. was born in the same year the brand "Bolero" Italian design ", which identifies products that are placed on a medium-high segment of the market. In the aftermath of continuing collaborations with some successful brand, including ladybirds, Mazzini, Ken Scott.